Walkers & Wheelchairs

Standard wheelchairs
Standard wheelchairs allow the patient to self-propel with large side wheels that enable easy maneuverability by the patient.

Transport wheelchairs
Transport wheelchairs are lighter weight and are easier to load into a car for an outing. Transport wheelchairs require the patient to be pushed by a caregiver or assistant.

Reclining wheelchairs
Reclining wheelchairs allow the patient to recline back while seated and accommodate relaxed patient positioning while taking pressure off of the coccyx.

Front wheeled walkers
Front wheeled walkers provide stability and portability for those needing assistance with walking. They fold up flat for easy storage.

4 wheeled walkers, Rollators
Rollators (seated walkers or 4 wheeled walkers) combine locking hand brakes with a seat to provide smooth travel with the option to take a seat when you need a break. Folds up for easy storage and transport.